About Us

Dimyon Marketing Services provides business services to companies and firms that are interested in growing their reach, increasing their sales volume and locating and engaging new clients in different markets all over the world.

Our forte is the western EU and US markets, but we have created much value for clients in Mexico, Brazil and in Africa as well.

We pride ourselves on having a good strategic planning ability, and execution to follow, creating massive value to our clients.

Embedding B2B and B2C solutions into the mix, both online and offline, to provide a blanket of solutions that proven efficient time and time again.

Using a decentralized structure, Dimyon Marketing Services leverages its personnel’s talents and location to provide an all encompassing solution that is location agnostic.

With registered offices in MI, USA & Tel Aviv, Israel & representatives in London, Miami, and Tel Aviv, Dimyon Marketing Services can provide your business with a local as well as international market reach.

Before we start working together, we will perform a due diligence, to see that we are a match in terms of business ethics, business conduct, long term goals and that ultimately, we can really provide your business with the value it deserves.

We can help you if you want us to help. Do you?